Altrua FAQs

What Does Altrua Cost?

Altrua offers “Standard” and “Advantage” plans.

The only advantage to the “Advantage” plans is they cost less. They are really designed for the person who thinks they’re invincible and want the cheapest possible option to avoid Obamacare penalties and “stay legal for less.”

The “Standard” plans are where we believe the vast majority of our clients will want to land. You can see all three levels below. There is a definite drop-off between the silver and bronze plans, so we tend to suggest sticking with gold or silver.


Please also note there is a $100 application fee due when you enroll, and a $100 annual membership fee beginning in year two. Members must also make a $25 contribution to Altrua Ministries.


How does Altrua handle pre-existing conditions and medical history?

Your medical history does come into play when you apply to join Altrua Health Share. As a part of the application process, if it is deemed necessary, Altura may ask for additional medical records or documentation.

A pre-existing condition is defined as “any illness or accident for which a person has been diagnosed, received medical treatment, been examined, taken medication, or had symptoms within 12 months prior to the application date.”

Certain pre-existing conditions will disqualify you from enrolling in Altrua.

Others may result in a “membership limitation” – a specified medical condition for which medical needs arising from or associated with the condition are not eligible for sharing. An associated condition is one that is caused directly and primarily by the medical condition that is specifically not eligible. Some membership limitations may result in an increased contribution level due to elevated risk.

Membership limitations can be removed in the future with appropriate medical evidence. Also, a member may decline a membership with limitation and receive a refund for the $100 membership fee.

If it is discovered at a later date that a member did not provide complete and accurate medical history, Altrua can retroactively decline or place a membership limitation on that member.

Term Life insurance Greenville SCWhat about dependents? Who can be included?

There are three types of membership: Single member, Member +1, and Member + Family. Who qualifies as a dependent?

  • Spouse living in the same residence
  • Children under age 20
    • Newborns must be added within 30 days of birth. Don’t forget this!
  • Children age 20-24 with proof they are full-time students or full-time service volunteers.
  • Older dependents due to medical conditions as verified by a qualified health professional.

All dependents in the household must comply with the Statement of Standards and membership guidelines.  Once one no longer qualifies as a dependent, that individual will have to apply as a single member.

Is maternity covered?

Yes! Once you have been in a combined membership (two or more members in the household) for 10 consecutive months prior to conception, Altrua HealthShare will share up to $4,000 per pregnancy (whether a single or multiple birth). Needs for maternity ending in a delivery by cesarean section that is either medically necessary because of complications that arise at the time of delivery or due to medical necessity for previous cesarean section delivery are limited to $6,000 instead of $4,000 with no MRA applicable.

Christian Health SharingDoes Altrua have a provider network or can I use any doctor?

The answer to both of these questions is yes. Altrua utilizes the PHCS network, a very large national network of providers. Using a provider in the PHCS network will lower your out-of-pocket costs. You can choose to use a non-network provider, but you will have to pay a larger portion of your bills.

You can click here to search for providers in the PHCS network. (Note: When prompted to pick which network to search, select the first one, with the basic “PHCS” label.)

How do I tell providers about Altrua? Will I have to file claims myself?

Members should tell a provider they are a member of a recognized Health Sharing Ministry. You will have an ID card to show them. Explain that your bills should be sent either electronically or by mail as directed on your Membership ID card.

Are there religious restrictions on who can join Altrua?

Altrua requires members to agree to the Statement of Standards but does not require members to sign a doctrinal statement.

Is there a contract or can I leave whenever I want?

It is not a contract. You can choose to quit the membership at any time. All new members pay a $100 application fee and a $25 fee that goes to Altrua Ministries that is not refundable if you chose to quit after being accepted to the membership. Altrua HealthShare does request that proper notification be given if a member chooses to quit for any reason. The member guidelines have more info.

If you want more info, you’re welcome to contact us or download the Altrua Information Booklet.