How to Enroll in Altrua Health Share

There are a couple different ways you can join Altrua Health Share, and we’re happy to help you get started! Scroll down to begin.

One of the great things about Altrua is that you can apply anytime – there’s no open enrollment period. (If you’re not familiar with Altrua Health Share and how it works, go back and start here.)

How to Enroll in Altrua Health Share

1. Apply online. We can walk you through the application through their website, or you are welcome to do it on your own.

Enroll in Altrua here.

If you opt to enroll online on your own, please answer the “How did you hear about us?” question by listing AC Forrest as your referral, and use leave our Representative ID where asked: A000350001

Altrua Health Share Application

If you want us to help you get enrolled, just contact us to set up a time to do it.

(Note: Skip to the bottom where we suggest ways to maximize your coverage). 

altrua health share2. Complete a paper application. 

Download the application here: Application for Altrua Health Share.

Once completed you’re welcome to email it to [email protected] or fax it to us at 877-765-9765. We’ll make sure it gets to Altrua.

Enroll in Altrua here.

If everything is in order by the 25th of the month, membership will begin on the 1st.

Please note: Your official “application date” will be the date all documentation and payment are received by Altrua. 

Options to Maximize Coverage with Health Sharing

Many people who enroll in a health sharing ministry consider adding inexpensive supplemental plans to strengthen their overall coverage. Here are 3 options we suggest you consider:

1. Telemedicine. 

You can get access to a doctor in your state 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for consultations via phone or web video. Your entire family gets access to the service for $9.99/month and a consultation costs you nothing – yes it’s free to use. That obviously brings a lot of convenience and saves you time and money for routine needs.

2. Critical Illness Insurance.

A critical illness insurance plan will pay a lump sum if you are diagnosed with invasive cancer, have a heart attack or stroke, or certain other diagnoses. You can get $20k – $50k in coverage.

Because Altrua has a 12-month waiting period before cancer costs are eligible for sharing, we recommend you get a critical illness policy for at least that period of time.

3. Accident Insurance.

Accident insurance pays a lump sum for medical care resulting from an accident.

Because Altrua has an “Activity Limit” that places a lower limit of sharing for injuries resulting from an array of activities through school or community programs (think youth sports, for example), we suggest you consider adding an accident plan to extend your coverage.