Altrua’s Statement of Standards

Altrua is unique among health sharing ministries in that members sign a Statement of Standards rather than a statement of faith.

So while the organization itself is founded on Christian principles, there is no theological statement or doctrinal requirement for membership.  By operating with a Statement of Standards, Altrua expands the potential member base due to the fact it is not tied to one specific faith or doctrine.

Altrua’s Statement of Standards

Because of my biblical convictions, I choose to live a clean and wholesome life, and share the following standards and convictions with members of Altrua HealthShare.

  • I believe in keeping my body clean with proper nutrition and consuming foods in moderation. I
    believe that the use of tobacco, illicit drugs, and excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to
    body and soul.
  • According to the word of God sexual relations outside the bond of marriage between a man
    and a woman are morally wrong.
  • I believe that abortion is wrong, except in special circumstances such as rape or serious injury
    to the mother, and then, only after careful consideration by all concerned.
  • I believe that I am obligated to provide and care for my family and that abuse of any kind, of a
    family member or anyone else is wrong.

If you can sign on to that statement in good conscience, then you’ll be eligible to become a member of Altrua Health Share.