Short-term Health Insurance in Greenville SC

Not all short-term health insurance plans are created equal. How do you choose one?

Short-term health insurance in Greenville SCYou may already know that a short-term health plan is the only option available to most people who need to buy health insurance outside of the annual Obamacare open enrollment period.

So more and more insurance companies are offering these plans. Let’s briefly list a few variables before focusing on one in particular.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Short-Term Health Insurance Plan

Policy Length. How long can you keep your short-term health insurance plan? Most plans are available for up to 6 months, and there are a handful that won’t go that long. Some, however, are available for 11 months. If you’re wanting to maintain coverage in place of an Obamacare plan, you need the option of a longer duration.

Deductible Structure. Most short-term health plans give you a wide variety of deductible options ($500-$7,500 or more). But how is that deductible structured? Some plans have a per occurrence deductible, meaning you’ll have to pay the deductible amount for each diagnosis/incident that results in claims. While that will lower the price, it could significantly increase your out-of-pocket costs, so we recommend avoiding such plans. Find a plan with a true one-time deductible.

First-Dollar Benefits. Most short-term health plans are essentially catastrophic plans. You buy them to protect yourself in case something big happens, but they don’t provide any upfront benefits for doctor visits and that sort of thing. Some plans provide copays for an urgent care center or even for a certain number of doctor office visits.

Network. As with regular health insurance, short-term health insurance plans utilize a network of providers. You’ll want to be sure you choose one that covers doctors and hospitals that you would be likely to utilize if you needed medical care.

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Now… let’s narrow things down and get local.

Short-term Health Insurance in Greenville, SC

There are two primary hospital systems in Greenville County: Greenville Hospital System (GHS) and St. Francis Hospital. Some networks have both, but many have just one of these systems.

TemporaryIf you’d like to have a short-term health plan that includes the Greenville Hospital System, you should consider the IHC Connect Net short-term health insurance plan. Not only does the Connect Net plan give you the best available network, it also includes an office visit copay.

(Note: there are three different short-term health plans available from IHC. The “Connect Net” is the one that gives you a network that includes GHS).

If you have no preference or are happy to utilize only the St. Francis hospital system in Greenville, you will get a better price with HCC Life.

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