The 10 Most Common Uses of Telemedicine

According to the American Medical Association, 4 out of 5 doctor office visits could be handled without the visit.
Instead, these visits could be replaced with telemedicine.
Think about that for a minute. Instead of rearranging your schedule to visit a doctor, you could get access within 15 minutes or so anytime night or day. With no copay or fee.

What are the most common ailments treated via telemedicine?

One telemedicine provider compiled these usage statistics:
CADR+ Common Use and Prescription Management SlideThese are common, everyday medical problems that you can get treated with a lot less time, money, and hassle with telemedicine.

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What About Prescriptions?

Obviously the graphic above covers how prescription drugs are handled. There is no guarantee that you will get a prescription, but the doctor certainly has the ability to prescribe medication for you (or your child) when appropriate.
The doctor will simply send the prescription to the pharmacy you choose and you’ll be all set. It’s that simple.

What’s the Cost?

We partner with Virtual Care because they provide the service for only $9.99/month for an individual or family. Employer groups get a significant discount. There are no additional copays or fees, and there are no contracts – you can cancel at anytime.
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