Justin's Story: Why You Need Travel Insurance if you Travel Overseas

Justin Lake was enjoying a vacation in the Caribbean with his friends. It cost his parents over $28,000 on a credit card to get him home.
Lake was blindsided by a drunk driver and nearly paralyzed. Four months later, he’s still in rehab trying to regain the use of all of his muscles.
Fox5 news in Atlanta (MyFoxAtlanta) told his story this morning.
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The story makes a compelling case for purchasing travel insurance, but they get one thing really wrong. They said it would have cost Lake around $150 to purchase a policy that would have protected him from the crazy costs associated with being evacuated back to Atlanta. In reality, it would probably cost less than $20.
Look, we don’t like using scare tactics to sell stuff… but the reality is this stuff happens. And when you can protect yourself so easily and inexpensively, it’s frankly silly not to.
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