2018 Medicare Changes

Certain aspects of Medicare coverage change each year. Below is a quick summary of the main changes to Medicare coverage in 2018:

 2017 Medicare Deductible  2018 deductible changes effective Jan. 1
 First 60 days Part A deductible $1,316  New First 60 days Part A deductible $1,340
 61st to 90th day deductible $329 per day  New 61st to 90th day deductible $335 per
 91st day and after $658 per day  New 91st day and after $670 per day
 Skilled Nursing Care 21st to 100th day
 $164.50 per day
 New Skilled Nursing Care 21st to 100th day
 $167.50 per day
 Part B deductible $183  Part B deductible $183



The changes, as you can see, are not that dramatic. If you have a Medicare supplement plan, you likely won’t even notice them, though it’s possible your premium could slightly adjust.
Remember, Plan F covers all of these out-of-pocket expenses (holes) in original Medicare. Plan G covers everything except the annual Part B deductible, which is remaining at $183 for the year.
If you’d like to take a look at prices on Plan F or Plan G, contact us today.