90 Day Probationary Period for Employer's Health Insurance

Employer-sponsored health insurance plans typically have some kind of probationary period before a new employee can become eligible to be covered. In most cases this period is 90 days. The question then, is what do you do for health insurance during these three months? You could roll the dice and hope you don’t have a medical event, but the wise course is to find short-term health insurance coverage, which is designed for just this situation.

A short-term health insurance plan provides you with major medical protection for a defined period of time to bridge the gap between plans. Getting a short-term health plan for 3 months is generally very affordable. There is a little bit of underwriting, but not nearly as much as with a traditional individual health insurance plan. If you’ve not been declined coverage in the past for medical reasons, and don’t have one of a few “deal-breaker” medical conditions (things like cancer, diabetes, and a few other “big-ticket” issues), you shouldn’t have trouble getting approved for coverage to start tomorrow.

There are a number of short-term health plans out there. At AC Forrest we market plans through Assurant Health, Golden Rule Insurance, and HCC Life. The latter plan as the advantage of offering a copay for a visit to an urgent care center. To take a look at some quotes on short-term health, click here or contact AC Forrest.