AC Forrest in the Media Again

Alex was used as a primary source in an article called, “Back to School: Availability of Child-Only Health Coverage Dwindles.” South Carolina and Georgia, the two states we primarily serve, are both among 17 states that have no health insurance carrier currently offering child-only health insurance plans, which leaves some people in a pickle. Alex was the only insurance expert quoted in the article, and makes a couple of suggestions for those who need to find health insurance for a child:
* If possible, have at least one parent buy an individual health insurance plan and cover the kids there. This may be advisable even if you have access to a group health insurance plan because individual plans are typically less expensive.
* If you need to cover a child by him/herself (i.e. the parents can’t get coverage or it’s too expensive), a short-term health plan is a good solution to provide major medical protection at a very affordable price, and you can usually buy a child-only short term health plan.
As always, we’re ready to help you answer questions and find health insurance solutions for you and/or your kids.