Video: How accident insurance works and how it can save you money

Fortunately nothing went wrong at Field Day (apart from a little rope burn on the hands from tug-of-war).
If your kids are active in sports or just in the backyard, you’ve seen your fair share of bumps and bruises. Sometimes, though, bumps and bruises can become breaks and sprains and that sort of thing.¬†And that can get expensive.
Here’s an affordable solution every family should consider. I talked about it at Field Day:

There are different ways you can get accident insurance.
A basic plan like I described in the video is the cheapest way to get coverage:

  • Your family can get $2,000 of coverage for $35/month. (Cheapest plan)
  • Your family can get $5,000 of coverage for $45/month. (Most popular plan)
  • Your family can get $10,000 of coverage for $65/month.
[button url=”″]Sign up for accident insurance here![/button] The sign-up process is super-simple – it should take you five minutes or less. So get started!
If you have questions or want to talk more, don’t hesitate to contact us.