Accident Supplements are a good buffer against high deductibles

With health insurance premiums going nowhere but up (following the price of healthcare), we wind up putting a lot of clients into high deductible plans because, frankly, it’s about all most of us can afford these days. One other option I at least make people aware of when we are considering these higher deductibles is an accident supplement. This is a supplemental plan that will pay you a particular schedule of benefits if someone is injured in an accident (ie falling off a ladder, auto, etc.). The plan comes with a few other fringe benefits, but the main thing is money to help meet your deductible in an accident. In South Carolina, $2500 of accident coverage for your family would be $35/month, and $5000 would be $45/month. There are higher options, but these would be most common. If you want more information on accident supplements, or would like to enroll, do it here or contact AC Forrest. It’s just a good way to have a buffer between you and that nasty deductible.