Assurant Health's Affordable Health Access – When Major Medical Insurance Isn't an Option

Unfortunately, many people cannot get approved for major medical health insurance due to concerns regarding pre-existing conditions/medical history or not fitting the height/weight requirements . While it is not ideal, a good limited benefit plan provides coverage that can be helpful with routine costs (like doctor visits) and some measure of help with most substantial financial expenses. As the name suggests, there are lower caps to claims, which is why major medical coverage is preferred. But these plans will help and are certainly better than nothing.

Assurant Health recently rolled out a limited benefit plan called Health Access, that has three different tiers of coverage. The lowest tier is a guaranteed-issue plan (meaning you cannot be declined) that is very inexpensive (often under $50/month. The second and third tiers have a couple of very limited and specific medical questions and provide a higher level of benefits. To learn more about Health Access and/or to get a free quote, contact AC Forrest.