Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Rates are Going Up

It’s a sad reality that health insurance prices never go down.
If you have an individual health insurance plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, get ready for a rate increase. The company just announced that prices will be going up effective February 1. Letters will be mailed December 31.
The change only effects those with policies with effective dates prior to 2014. If you purchased an “Obamacare” plan (a “metallic” plan) that becomes effective in 2014, the rate increase does not apply to you.
What can you do?
Honestly, your first option is to simply take the hit. Your prices under the Obamacare plans will likely be much higher (unless you qualify for a premium subsidy from the government).
If you’d like to explore your options, we can certainly help you do so. Simply let us know by contacting us.
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