The BlueChoice HealthPlan Comprehensive Copay

We often tell our non-subsidy clients that BlueChoice is the best value for the money when it comes to a traditional, Obamacare-compliant health insurance plan.
The primary reason for that is the all-inclusive, comprehensive copay.

What Does Comprehensive Copay Mean?

Fair question! With a BlueChoice copay, members who visit a participating provider in the Blue Option network will pay one copayment for all diagnostic and treatment services performed in the office.
Members can get all routine services (including those outside of the standard, mandated Affordable Care Act benefits) for one copayment. Services are not limited to routine and sick visits.
BlueChoice will cover these services under the all-inclusive copayment:

  • Office charges, including surgical services, for the treatment of an accident or injury
  • Allergy and tetanus shots
  • Injections of antibiotics
  • Diagnostic lab and diagnostic X-ray services, such as chest X-rays and standard plain film X-rays, when performed in the physician’s office on the same date and billed by the physician.

(Please note that, as always, what is covered under the all-inclusive copayment depends on how the claim is filed by the doctor’s office. If you have services performed in the doctor’s office and the doctor bills it that way, BlueChoice will cover it.)
Two common examples:

  1. You visit a dermatologist and have a few moles removed. Under normal plans, you pay the copay for an office visit and then would get balance billed a fee for having moles removed. With BlueChoice it’s all on the copay.
  2. You go to an orthopedist, who does an x-ray on your knee. That x-ray is covered on your copay.

The comprehensive copay is a really great benefit that sets BlueChoice apart.

Which BlueChoice plans do I consider?

We think these 3 plans will prove most popular:

  • Bronze 7350
  • Silver 6900
  • Silver 6002