BlueChoice Health individual health insurance premium increase

Today comes word that individual health insurance  policyholders with BlueChoice HealthPlan will see a rate increase effective February 1. In fairness, this is the first premium increase they have had since May 1, 2009. Though they don’t say this, the rate increase is almost certainly the result of new mandates that are included in the health reform bill passed earlier this year (“Obamacare”). Policyholders will be sent a rate notification letter beginning December 17 (Friday) that will include the new premiums. If you just can’t wait, contact us for more info.
Most of the BlueChoice HealthPlan individual policies AC Forrest has written are child-only plans – “Blue Choice for Kids.” Due to the ramifications of the health reform bill, child-only individual policies are no longer available on the market from any health insurance carrier. For this reason, we suggest you keep your BlueChoice for Kids plan.
BlueChoice currently sells individual products for those between 19-30 years old, and even with this increase they are often very competitive and worth checking out. If you’d like more information or a quote, please contact us.