BlueChoice HealthPlan Begins Enrolling 2019 Plans

BlueChoice HealthPlan offers individual health insurance plans off the Marketplace in South Carolina.
Because they are off the Marketplace, they’ve decided to begin enrolling members in 2019 plans a bit early.

Why We Like BlueChoice

If you live in South Carolina and do not qualify for an Obamacare subsidy, you should consider enrolling off Marketplace with BlueChoice. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Network. The BlueChoice network is identical to that of their sister company, BlueCross BlueShield. It covers almost every hospital system in South Carolina (the only exception is Lexington Medical Center near Columbia).
  • All-inclusive, comprehensive copay.¬†Honestly, this is the single biggest differentiator that sets BlueChoice apart. Your office visit copay basically covers all diagnostic and treatment service provided at the office. This can make a¬†huge difference.
  • Zero dollar copay option. BlueChoice has five plans that have a zero dollar copay (that same expansive copay we just described) for primary care visits, generic prescriptions, and urgent care visits at Doctors Care.
  • Preventive dental. There’s an included allowance for cleanings and exams. It’s not really dental insurance, but it’s a nice benefit to have.

How Much Does BlueChoice Cost?

Look, cost is always a big issue with health insurance. Like all ACA-compliant health insurance plans, BlueChoice is not going to be cheap. And because it is only sold off the Marketplace, there is no possibility of income-based subsidies when you enroll in a BlueChoice plan.
With that said, BlueChoice tends to have a similar or slightly better price than other non-subsidized Marketplace options. Since their plans offer more robust benefits (particularly the comprehensive copay and the preventive dental), we think it’s the best value for your non-subsidy dollars.

Who Should Enroll in BlueChoice?

There are two groups of people who probably won’t want to enroll in BlueChoice:

  • Subsidy-eligible people. If you’re eligible for a subsidy in the Marketplace, that will probably make a big enough difference in the price that you’ll wind up better off in a Marketplace plan. (We can help you find one.)
  • Healthy people who want minimal costs. If you’re healthy and motivated to keep your monthly costs down, you’ll probably want to consider a short-term health insurance plan as a more budget-friendly option.

Who should enroll in BlueChoice?

  • People who don’t qualify for subsidies.
  • People with pre-existing conditions that would make it difficult to get alternative coverage (like short-term plans).
  • People who want comprehensive benefits, including preventive care, office visits, and the coverages mandated by the Affordable Care Act.