The most popular Obamacare plan in South Carolina: "Bronze 4"

What’s easily the most popular Obamacare plan in South Carolina?
If you’re not sure which BlueCross BlueShield plan to pick, check out Bronze 4.
Bronze 4 is the plan that the majority of our clients in South Carolina wind up selecting. It’s actually the one we selected for ourselves too.
Why? Because it provides good copay benefits for office visits and generic prescription drugs, but has high deductibles that keep the price lower than what you’ll find with Silver and Bronze level plans.
In fact, many of our subsidy-eligible clients have been able to get Bronze 4 for free.
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Here are a few details on Bronze 4:

  • Individual deductible: $6,400 (the max for a family would be hitting this twice)
  • Out-of-pocket max: $7,900
  • Primary care copay: $25
  • Specialist copay: $50
  • Urgent care copay: $50
  • Preferred generic drug copay: $0
  • Non-preferred generic drug copay: $12
  • Brand name drugs: No copay (you pay against the deductible)

The biggest advantage here is the price. What makes it nicer than other bronze plans is the fact you get a reasonable copay for office visits and generic prescriptions.
And, again, BlueCross has priced this in such a way that a lot of people get it free.
How is this possible, you ask? Basically, many people qualify for a subsidy that exceeds the premium for the plan, so the subsidy covers the entire cost. Many people are surprised to see how much subsidy they actually qualify to receive.

Remember: Open Enrollment ends for good on December 15!

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