Carolina Care Plan Lowers Individual Health Insurance Rates

It’s always nice to report that a health insurance carrier is lowering their rates.
Happens more regularly than you might think — it’s a competitive business after all. Carolina Care Plan
Just to be clear, though, the lower premiums are for new business. That’s the catch, I suppose. But it’s good news if you’re looking for an individual health insurance plan in South Carolina. Or if you’re simply wanting to find a better deal than your current coverage.
Carolina Care Plan is lowering their individual health insurance premiums by 7% all across South Carolina. The new rates take effect July 1. And that’s great because they’re actually a very solid carrier. Their network covers every hospital in South Carolina and the vast majority of medical practices so you shouldn’t have any real trouble with that. Coverage extends nationwide as well.
We find that their rates are particularly competitive if you want an HSA-qualified individual health insurance policy. If you’d like to check it out you can contact us (see button on right) or just run your own quotes (the other button!).