Carrier Spotlight: Carolina Care Plan

AC Forrest works with a number of different health insurance carriers in order to provide an array of options for our clients to help them find the best plan for them. In South Carolina, one of the carriers we represent is Carolina Care Plan (CCP), which started in Columbia 25 years ago and is now a subsidiary of Medical Mutual of Ohio, a large national insurer. One thing we like about CCP is that they combine the accessibility and “feel” of a local company with the resources and strength of a large national carrier.

CCP offers an array of plans in the group and individual market. Their “Vital Access” plans offer a great combination of higher deductibles (to keep premiums down) with everyday benefits like a doctor copay and drug card. They also offer HSA-compliant plans and child-only plans. Their network is among the largest in South Carolina and includes every hospital in the state. On plans that provide a doctor copay, that copay is what’s called a “universal copay,” meaning it covers everything that happens at that visit (as opposed to simply the medical consult or something). Their lab benefit covers 100% of charges at preferred labs.

While CCP is not right for every individual or group, it is among the companies that we may consider in helping you shop for coverage. Contact us to get a quote from CCP and other carriers.