Case Study: Small Business gets Great Coverage and Great Savings

Here’s one short case study to illustrate how AC Forrest could help your business:

A small business received word that their health insurance premiums were about to go way up at annual renewal. With a week left before the rate hike, they went looking for help. AC Forrest was able to quickly assess their current plan and get quotes from other companies to compare. We quickly identified a new carrier, and within a week we sat down with the business to review the plan options. We even brought along a representative from the new insurance companies to answer very specific questions related to pre-existing conditions and the prescription coverage. In the end, we were able to trim $1000/month (roughly 35%) off of their health insurance premiums while still providing a strong plan that satisfied their needs and budget constraints.

Is your small business struggling under the weight of increasing health insurance premiums? Why not contact AC Forrest for a free consultation? We’ll review your plan and see what other options may be available. You have nothing to lose, and we might be able to find a way to save you a lot of money.We get a kick out of helping families and businesses save money and get better value by finding good health insurance solutions for a better price.