Changes to Blue Choice Health Plan Prescription Drug Coverage

Blue Choice Health Plan in South Carolina is making some changes to their prescription drug formulary, following along the same lines as similar changes made by their sister company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina. In both cases the changes take effect on July 1. Details (from their communique) after the break:
Drugs Moving to Preferred (2ndtier):

  • Alvesco
  • Janumet XR
  • Durezol
  • Exalgo

Drugs Moving to Non-Preferred (3rd tier)
Some brand-name drugs now have a generic alternative. Therefore, the branded drugs will move to the 3rdtier. The generic drugs are as clinically effective as the brand-name drugs but cost members less.

Non-Preferred Brand Name Generic Alternatives
Lexapro, Geodon, Seroquel escitalopram, ziprasidone, olanzapine
Boniva (oral) Ibandronate (oral)
Combivir, Epivir (tab) lamivudine/zidovudine, lamivudine (tab)