Changes to Coverage of Lipitor

If you take Lipitor, you’ll want to check with your insurance coverage to see if there are changes in how your prescription is covered. Because there are now generic versions of Lipitor available, such as atorvastatin, many health insurance companies are not covering Lipitor at the same copay level as they did previously. (In other words, with a generic available, the brand name drug has probably been put in a higher “tier” on your drug plan, meaning the copay is higher or that you could even be paying a percentage of the cost of the drug).
Don’t be alarmed, though. Generic drugs are a wonderful way to bring the price down for most people and open up greater access to drugs like Lipitor, which were previously difficult for people without a drug copay to afford. As with many other drugs, the generics are nearly identical. You’ll want to check on changes to your drug benefit and then talk to your doctor about the new generic alternative.