Changes to HCC Short-Term Health insurance in GA, NC, and other states

HCC Life is our preferred provider for short-term health insurance plans, so we want to make a brief note about some changes to their policies in certain states, including short-term health insurance in Georgia and North Carolina. These policies are being rebranded with the name “HCC Short Term Complete,” and the changes are generally minor, but positive. The main changes are:

  • The administrative fee is cut in half, from $10 to $5 (charged with each payment)
  • The removal of the $1M policy maximum option (leaving just the more popular $2M coverage maximum… but seriously, if you need that much care in a 6 month period of time, you’ve got bigger fish to fry…)
  • The premiums should be a bit lower due to an “enhanced premium algorithm” (I know readers will be dying for more details about the inner workings of the algorithm, but that kind of stuff is double-knot top secret stuff.)

The great news is that the benefits are basically unchanged. There is still a $50 urgent care center copay, one of the standout features of the plan (we know of no other short-term medical plan that offers a copay of any kind). Short-term health insurance is a perfect way to get catastrophic coverage when you’re between plans, waiting to become eligible for coverage at a new job, or need a low-cost option for a while with very limited underwriting. Contact us to learn more or simply check it out here.