Changes to the Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC Prescription Drug List

Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina recently announced changes to their prescription drug formulary list. They say these changes are the result of consultation with doctors and pharmacists, and surely they also factor in other developments (like the development of new generic alternatives and that sort of thing).
The following drugs were moved from the BCBS-SC “preferred drug” list to the “non-preferred” list effective July 1, 2012:

  • Lipitor
  • Lexapro, Geodon, Zyperxa
  • Caduet, Cardizem CD
  • LoSeasonique
  • Boniva (oral)
  • Combivir, Epivir (tab)
  • Malarone
  • Avapro, Avalide

The following drugs have been added to the BCBS-SC preferred drug list effective July 1:

  • Alvesco
  • Janumet XR
  • Durezol
  • Exalgo

Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC policyholders will need to consult with their policy to find out how this influences their coverage. If you have a prescription drug card, your copay will change (i.e. go up for “non-preferred” drugs) as the result of these changes to the drug list.
There were other minor changes announced as well. If you are being affected by any of these changes, you should expect to see a letter explaining them.