Clark Howard, Costco, and Health Insurance

It works for toilet paper, so will it work for health insurance? Can you get a better deal on health insurance at Costco?
Consumer advocate and talk-show host Clark Howard recently reported that Costco is set to begin offering members individual health insurance plans in partnership with Aetna. For their part, Aetna has promised a cheaper rate for Costco members. So far the program has rolled out in nine states, including Georgia. So is this a good thing?
In the markets we serve, even with the Costco discount, you can still do better. We ran sample rates for a family of four in Atlanta and the Costco/Aetna plan was $409/month. A similar plan for the same family was cheaper with four other individual insurance companies we checked, ranging in price from $296 – $367/month.
Costco does a lot of things well (like tires or chicken alfredo, which we recommend with spinach). Art and Jo shop there regularly. But for health insurance, we’d suggest you’re better off working with a licensed health insurance specialist (like…. us!) who can help you shop around and find the individual health insurance plan that best suits your family’s needs.
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