Consult a Doc without paying for it

Have medical questions or need to request an Rx? Don’t have a copay?

Get help without having to visit the office! Save time. Save money. With Consult A Doctor, you can reach a doctor anytime you need one. No need to worry about office hours or an expensive trip to the urgent care clinic or emergency room.

With Consult A Doctor you can enjoy convenient, on-demand, 24/7 access to our network of U.S. based, board certified doctors for advice, diagnosis and treatment including prescription medication (Rx) when appropriate.
How do you get it? The great news is that this is a free, built-in feature when you subscribe to a supplemental gap insurance plan. Obviously, you’ll still get up to $5,000 in benefits for accidents for your entire family as well as a lump sum critical illness benefit (heart attack, stroke most cancers, etc.).
The Consult a Doc feature is a particularly nice feature if you have a health insurance plan that doesn’t give you an office visit copay (like an HSA-qualified plan). For basic questions or to help you determine if you really need to be seen, this can be a helpful convenience (that can save you money and consternation).

As a Consult A Doctor member, you also have unlimited access to My Personal Health Manager, a one-stop web portal where you can:
• Request consultations by phone, secure email or video at anytime, 24/7
• Use cutting-edge interactive health tools like Symptom Checker
• Maintain your Personal Health Records including history and assessments
• Research a vast library of information on health topics A-Z
Learn more about getting your own personal gap insurance plan. The cost is just $32/month for an individual or $46/month for your entire family.