Could someone else's fax machine compromise your identity?

Did you know that fax machines could compromise your identity? Check out this story from a local news affiliate in Chicago.

It turns out that many fax machines use a thermal carbon cartridge that, which is basically a scroll that, when held up to light, can reveal a copy of faxes that the machine has received. The fax machine described in the story had received numerous purchase reports (with payment/account information) that could easily have been compromised. Imagine what one might find on a fax machine from a medical provider, a government office, a school, etc.

The point is, here’s another way that your personal information could be exposed and compromised. ID theft is serious business – there are people out there actively looking for this kind of information. We believe that you need to take active steps to protect yourself from the expense and enormous hassle of identity theft. It’s become a very basic and fundamental step of managing risk in your life (which we call “insurance”). Here’s the solution we recommend. Contact AC Forrest for more information.