Credit Monitoring (alone) is not Identity Theft Protection

Did you Know?

  • The FTC estimates there are nearly 9 million victims of fraud each year.
  • The average time to resolve identify theft for individuals on their own is 55-130 hours and it costs between $1,200-$5,000 to resolve. (In other words, it’s a pain in the rear!)
  • The FTC Annual Sentinel Study says that only 16.5% of identity theft is detectable on a credit report.

In other words, relying on credit monitoring alone is not enough. It’s important, but paying for credit monitoring by itself does not adequately protect you from consequences of identity theft.
So what you need is a plan that goes beyond credit monitoring, one that takes care of cleaning up that mess. And, as you might suspect…. we’ve got something like that available. And the better news is it costs less than $15/month. Check it out!