Critical Illness Insurance from Golden Rule (UnitedHealthOne)

Cancer is expensive. So are heart attacks and a bunch of other big-ticket health events like that. A good health insurance policy covers that stuff, but more and more people have really high deductibles because, well, health insurance is also expensive. That’s why critical illness insurance is one of the fastest-growing types of insurance out there, and that’s one of the reasons so many health insurance companies are introducing these policies into the marketplace.
You can read more about it elsewhere, but the gist is that a critical illness insurance policy pays you a flat sum (usually between $10k and $100k) if you have a heart attack, are diagnosed with cancer, and other significant medical events. That money helps you meet your health insurance deductible, make up for lost time at work, travel for care, any number of things (it’s your money).
Golden Rule Insurance (branded as UnitedHealthOne) has recently introduced critical health insurance in South Carolina (it has previously rolled out in a few other states like North Carolina and Arizona). If you have health insurance in South Carolina (or other states) with Godlen Rule Insurance, or even if you don’t, this is cheap way to cushion yourself against a high deductible. If you’d like to learn more about or get a quote on critical health insurance, let us know.