Desktop Sharing

AC Forrest has recently implemented desktop sharing (or screen sharing) technology to enhance our ability to effectively communicate with our clients. We can therefore schedule remote or web-based meeting with current or prospective clients to go over health insurance options, show you plans, and that sort of thing. Essentially you log in to a website ( with our access code, and soon you will be seeing our computer screen. There is nothing to download on your end.

While we’re happy to talk over the phone, we’ve found that it really helps our clients to be able to see what we’re talking about (for example, when comparing to health insurance plans and prices). Many people are visual learners and it is important to us that our clients understand their options and the plan they ultimately select. We can even walk you through an agent-assisted application right then, since many people may have questions along the way.

It’s just another way AC Forrest tries to enhance our communication with clients and serve their needs.