Disability insurance for small business and families

Every 10 minutes, nearly 500 Americans become disabled, according to the National Safety Council. What would happen to you and your family if you were one of them? If you run a small business, would you be in a position to help out an employee if they had to sit out for a while with a short-term disability? How long could you help if a more serious long-term disability emerged?

The good news for small employers is that disability insurancecould be more affordable than you think. It’s a great benefit to offer your employees to make sure they’re taken care of (like you’d want to do) if something happens without placing an unexpected strain on your b
usiness. A short-term disability insurance policy is also a great way to handle maternity leave.
To be frank, individual disability insurance can be expensive, but there may be some creative ways to lower the price, depending on factors like the kind of work you do. You could also opt for something like an intermediate disability plan that would cover you for 2-5 years rather than to age 65.
If you’d like to talk about disability insurance for you or for your small business, we’d love to help you think through your options, get some quotes, and find a plan that makes sense. Contact us today!