Do I pay more to use a health insurance broker?

No. The health insurance industry is unique in that the prices are fixed, meaning your policy will cost the same regardless of how or from whom you buy it. If you buy directly from an insurance company, through a big clearinghouse, or from a broker, your plan’s price will be the same. Nobody (including us) has any special deals or prices. If you are comparing quotes and are finding different prices, something about the plans is different.

But surely agent compensation affects the price, right? Doesn’t it help to cut out the proverbial “middle man”? It could help the insurance company, but it doesn’t help you. Brokers are paid a commission by the insurance companies, but because the prices are unaffected by this, our service comes at no extra charge to you. So you get all of the advantages of using a health insurance broker at no extra charge.

So the question to ask is this: Why would you buy insurance without a broker?