Does Telemedicine Really Work?

Some people immediately love the idea, but others aren’t so sure.
Does talking to a doctor on the phone (or via video) really work? Are the doctors legit? Can this really help me (or my child)?
Telemedicine - talking to a doctor w a tablet
Check this out:
A recent survey by EHR research firm Software Advice found that 94% of telemedicine users found there were benefits to the service over in-person visits. Those benefits included:

  • Quality of care – 21%
  • Don’t have to travel – 21%
  • Stay in the comfort of home – 20%
  • Faster access to care – 11%
  • A shorter wait – 10%
  • Ease of use – 9%
  • Avoid the (germ-infested) waiting room- 8%
  • More cost effective – 4%


Note: Unlike most telemedicine services, the telemedicine service we utilize does not charge a copay, so you pay no additional fee for a consultation. Our guess is that more than 4% of our clients would cite the cost advantage as a tremendous benefit!
The American Medical Association estimates that 78% of office visits are for problems that could be adequately handled via telemedicine.
So, yes telemedicine works – and it’s available whenever you need it!