Estate Taxes Are Going up – How to Avoid Them

You may have heard that estate taxes are going up. Probably a lot.
It’s part of that whole fiscal cliff discussion that’s going on right now. You know, the government needs more “revenues” (ie taxes) to support itself, and so they’re going after it wherever they can find it. And the estate tax is looking pretty nice.
So what can you do? Is there a way you can shield your estate from the government’s increasing taxes?
Yes you can. It’s something we call…. life insurance.
You see, life insurance benefits are not subject to estate taxes. And that makes a life insurance policy a great vehicle to transfer your wealth to the next generation without letting the politicians in Washington get a big piece of it.
The older you are, the more this will cost you in the form of premiums…. but we’re betting it won’t cost you as much as those taxes. If you’d like a no-obligation quote, contact us to talk about it.