Georgia Senate passes bill to allow citizens to buy health insurance in other states

This is an interesting story that bears watching. There is a decent chance that Georgia will legislate the ability of its citizens to purchase health insurance coverage offered in other states. The ability to buy insurance across state lines is frequently included in Republican health reform proposals in that it gives citizens the ability to find plans in other states that might be more affordable. Increased competition in any market typically benefits consumers.
Opponents of the measure in Georgia argue that it opens up the citizens of the state to harm from purchasing plans that don’t meet all of the mandated coverages and provisions required for a plan to be sold in Georgia. Each state has such mandates, though some are far more rigorous (hence, costly) than others.
While there are clearly some poorly designed and even deceitfully sold health insurance plans out there, the opportunity for consumers to have more options is, in our view, generally a good thing. It is obviously important, however, for consumers to educate themselves and make wise decisions in these important matters. Though it’s self-serving for us to say it (!), it’s important that you have the help of a licensed pro whom you trust. (And we obviously hope that, for you, that will turn out to be US!).
Stay tuned to this story – we certainly will. And we’ll be ready to help our clients in Georgia regardless of the outcome.