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4 Options for Small Business Health Insurance


Skyrocketing costs.



What can you do? For most small businesses, employee benefits is a headache or even a necessary evil. While there’s no silver bullet out there that will suit everyone, there are some innovative, outside-the-box approaches to health insurance that are worth considering.

We just published a presentation on SlideShare to introduce you to a few …

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What Is a Gap Plan? How Does Gap Insurance Work?


It pays to “mind the gap.”

With group health insurance prices continuing to rise, a gap plan can be an effective solution to lowering your group’s health insurance prices without compromising benefits. 

It’s an innovative, outside-the-box approach that could deliver significant results. It was a key part of an approach we used to save one small business …

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What Does a Copay Really Cover?


Here’s a true story about two people who saw an orthopedic doctor.

In both cases the orthopedic doctor took a few x-rays and then consulted with the patient about the results.

Each had health insurance with a copay, but they were insured with different companies. The results turned out very differently.

The Copay Surprise

Person A – we’ll call him …

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Is Your Small Business Health Insurance Plan Harming Your Employees?


They’re called “Employee Benefits,” but in the Obamacare era they often do more harm than good.

Most small employers provide some kind of health insurance plan because they want to attract and retain good employees, and because they genuinely want to take care of their people.

And that made a lot of sense… until now. Read on to …

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How We Saved One Small Business $46,000 on Health Insurance


Perhaps you’ve been on the receiving end of an email like this:

“Your group health insurance premiums are going up 25% next year.”

One of our small business clients, who we’ll just call “Dunder Mifflin,” recently received such a notice.

They had a good health insurance plan and were insured by the biggest insurance company in the state. They genuinely tried …

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What’s the cheapest health insurance plan?


The answer might surprise you.

There’s something cheaper than a “bronze” plan that you may not know about.

Many people who don’t have health insurance simply cannot afford it. 

If you’re like many of the uninsured, you’d actually like to have decent health insurance coverage, but just haven’t found anything at a price that makes sense for your budget. …

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How to Drop Group Health Insurance with Minimal Disruption


A lot of small businesses are dropping their health insurance plans. 
If you are among them, or if you are considering joining them, you need to think through the transition very carefully.

Here are a few questions you should ask:

1. What is our exit strategy?

2. How are you communicating the change, and the reasons for the change, to …

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Target Drops Health Benefits for Part-Time Employees. What Can You Do?


Another major retailer has announced that they are dropping health insurance benefits for part-time employees. Target joins Trader Joe’s and Home Depot in this decision, and surely there will be others to come.

The economics of Obamacare dictate these moves. The companies believe that their part-time employees will be better off in Obamacare (probably assuming that …

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What’s the Point of Using a Health Insurance Broker?


Fair question.

People often wonder if they can find a better price without using a broker like us. The logic seems to make sense – if you cut out the middleman you save money, right? In this case, you do not save anything by going it alone.

The price you pay for the insurance policy you purchase …

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