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We’ve been doing employee benefits for small employers for over 30 years.  In changing times, you can trust us to help you design the best benefits plan for your business or non-profit.

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Health Insurance

Learn about traditional group health insurance for your small business as well as more innovative options like gap plans and partially-self-funded plans.

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accident insurance

Supplemental Insurance

These are popular plans that can round out your employee benefits at a reasonable cost. Learn about accident plans, cancer or critical illness plans, and telemedicine plans.

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Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is always popular with employees. Discover a dental insurance policy that makes sense for your team and their families. You’ll see how affordable it can be.

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We understand. Employee benefits can be expensive and they can be a real pain.

Now more than ever you need an experienced guide to explain your options – including some that are outside the box – and help you make wise choices. We will introduce a few of the options you might consider below.

Our goal is to make this as simple as possible.

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Health Insurance Options

Health insurance has always been the cornerstone of most employee benefit plans. As the market evolves (and as prices go up), there are several ways you can go, including some new and innovative options.

Here are the options we can consider:

  • A traditional group health insurance plan.
  • A partially self-funded health insurance plan.
  • A higher deductible plan with a “gap” plan can lower your cost without compromising benefits.
  • No group plan – let employees get their own individual health insurance plans (we can help you make this transition).

We briefly summarize and explain these options in our Small Business Guide to Health Insurance:

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Or just contact us to set up a time to talk through these options and find the solution that will best serve your business or non-profit.

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Group Dental Insurance

Are you interested in an affordable benefit that your employees will actually use and appreciate? Group dental insurance is something your employees probably want – just ask them.

A good dental plan is a great way to begin (or expand) your employee benefits plan. It’s also a great benefit to add if you decide to drop your group health insurance.

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Supplemental Insurance / Voluntary Benefits

Supplemental or voluntary benefits give you a chance to provide other options to your employees at little or no cost to you. They can be completely voluntary (the employee pays and you simply set up payroll deduction) or employer paid. None are expensive. These benefit options often include:

  • Accident plans
  • Telemedicine plans
  • Critical illness plans
  • Group life insurance
  • Disability insurance

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Group Disability Insurance

Most people don’t have disability insurance, but we should. The statistics suggest that most of your employees are living paycheck to paycheck. What would happen to your employees if they were unable to work? Could you help them? The fact is group disability plans are significantly cheaper than an individual policy, so this is worth checking out.

There are two parts to a group disability plan (you can choose either, though we suggest both):

  • Short-term disability covers employees who miss work for a shorter period of time, usually 90 or 180 days. Note: This is a great solution for maternity leave.
  • Long-term disability covers employees who will be out longer than that.

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Group Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is a very affordable policy that could be offered in several different ways. It’s often an easy add-on to a dental plan, or you could opt for a stand-alone group vision insurance plan. We’ll be happy to discuss both options with you.

Outsource Your Human Resources

If you’re big enough to need help with HR, but aren’t sure you want to hire a full-time HR person, we can help you connect with some firms that can relieve you of a big headache!