Why does my health insurance company need my social security number?

Is this some kind of scam?
If you’re insured with Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, you may have gotten a letter requesting your social security number. It is legitimate.
The Affordable Care Act requires insurance companies to send the federal government a list of their members who have “minimum essential coverage” as defined by the law. To comply with this law, the insurance companies need to have the social security number for all members covered under their health plans.
This requirement applies to all health plans — including group and individual plans, and plans purchased before Obamacare was implemented.
Blue Cross Blue Shield mailed letters to individual and small group members for whom they do not have SSNs (or the SSNs of their covered dependents). The letter asks you to call them at 800-868-2500 or to email them securely by January 30, 2015 to provide them with the SSNs they do not already have on file.
Having your social security number will also allow them to show the government that you have adequate health insurance and are not subject to the individual mandate penalty fee.
So no, it isn’t a scam.

Note: It’s too late to enroll in Obamacare for 2015. Open enrollment for 2016 will open in the fall.
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