How to Pay Your Molina Healthcare Bill

Many of our clients opted to enroll in Marketplace plans from Molina Healthcare this year.

Remember you must pay your first month premium by January 1 (now extended to January 15) in order for your policy to take force. (The Marketplace calls this “effectuating” your policy).

How to Pay Your Molina Healthcare Bill

  • Visit to submit a one-time payment.
  • Visit to sign up for auto-pay and ensure your premium is paid automatically each month.
  • Pay by phone by calling Molina at (888) 296-7677 Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm local time.
  • Pay by mail: Mail your check and the payment form that came with your invoice to:

Molina Healthcare of South Carolina, Inc.
PO Box 660870
Dallas, TX 75266-0870

  • Pay by Bill Pay: Log in to your bank’s website and pay “Molina Healthcare” through the “Bill Pay” option. Use your subscriber ID as the account number.

If you need any help making your payment, you are welcome to contact us.