How to Protect Your Identity

As part of our commitment to our clients (existing and potential clients!), we want to help you address areas of risk that could effect you and your family. As we have surveyed the landscape we have identified identity theft as a significant area of unaddressed risk for most people:

Did you know…

The FTC estimates there are over 9 million victims of identity theft every year?
Identity theft has been the #1 complaint at the FTC for the last 9 years?
Over 495 million records containing sensitive personal information have been reported lost or stolen since Feb. 2005?

  • The average victim of identity theft spends over 600 hours restoring their identity, and the average amount charged to each victim is over $92,000?

The solution we’re offering is the most comprehensive Identity Theft protection plan available, and also provides you with the opportunity to add a legal expense plan that is very helpful in cleaning up the mess left by identity theft, and also serves you with other “life events” that are unrelated to identity theft. These other legal services include preparing a will, help with traffic violations, creditors, review of contracts, and other practical areas.

This identity protection plan provides continuous credit monitoring and comprehensive identity restoration for everyone in your family (including your kids). If you become a victim of identify theft, you sign a limited power of attorney and a licensed fraud investigator is assigned to your case and works with you until you say the problem is resolved. There are no deductibles and no fine print.

The Identity Theft protection alone is $12.95/month for an individual or $13.95 for a family. When combined with the “life events” legal plan the total price is $25.90/month for a single or $26.90/month for a family. There is no commitment or contract on your part.

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