How to Save 40% on Short-Term Health Insurance

Short-term health insurance is often used as a more affordable alternative to traditional insurance plans for those who don’t qualify for subsidies to lower their monthly payments.

You can learn more about short-term health insurance here. 

It works well for those who are generally healthy and just want catastrophic insurance coverage to protect them against unexpected medical costs.

Here’s a new way to save even more on the cost of health insurance:

Single Payment Short-Term Health Insurance

National General Insurance now offers savings of 40% when you choose to pay for your short-term health insurance policy upfront. Obviously, this requires that you have some disposable money to make a large lump-sum payment, but the ultimate savings are significant.

Plans can be in place for up to 11 months. If you have coverage for yourself (maybe through your employer) but need a more affordable option for a dependent child, National General offers child-only plans.

You can get some quick, no-obligation prices here:


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Pro Tip:¬†You can add a supplemental accident plan to your policy for just a little bit more, and you can also add a dental plan (we recommend the “Dental Plus” plan). In fact, you’ll save 15% on the dental plan when you bundle these together.

(These add-on policies are billed monthly).

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