HR is a headache. So get rid of it!

If you’re running a small business, you want to get rid of as much clutter and hassle as you can.
For many small business owners, human resources fits the bill. It’s stuff you probably don’t like but know you need to be doing. And you probably know you’re not doing it exactly right anyway. The best way to get the stuff you don’t like done properly and efficiently is to outsource it.
Seriously. Find someone else to partner with who can do it well and, just as importantly, take it off your desk.You’ve got other things to do, right?!

We’ve started partnering with a company offering a service that you might find interesting. They provide complete outsourcing of every imaginable HR function, including payroll services, tax issues, handling of I-9s and that sort of thing, the entire range of regulatory and compliance issues, employee relations, and numerous other services.
And get this — they share in all legal liability for these issues. The liability issue is one of the big selling points in terms of protecting a small business from exposure to any number of legal/regulatory issues. Do you want to be on your own when the Department of Labor comes calling?
As we’ve gotten to know this firm, what was particularly eye-opening for us was the stuff we didn’t know we didn’t know!
If you want to learn more, let’s talk about it. If you’re local, we can arrange to meet with them over lunch — they’ll even buy! If you’re not local, we can start with a conference call or web conference.
We really believe it would be at least worth an hour to talk to him as I think it could really serve you guys well. Let me know if you’d like to do that and I’ll set it up.