Why is Humana leaving South Carolina? What can I do about it?

Humana has finally made public something that wasn’t much of a secret: They are pulling out of South Carolina (for now, anyway). They will not offer any plans in South Carolina or Arkansas in 2014.
Why? Well, you’ll have to ask them. We suspect they are just consolidating their efforts in states where they are more competitive, like Georgia, where they are positioned to compete very well in the new Obamacare marketplace.
So if you have a HumanaOne individual policy now, what can you do?
You can expect to receive a letter from Humana giving you the option to renew your policy early, with the policy’s new anniversary date being December 30, 2013. That is the only option to keep the policy you currently have, and you would be able to do so for another year.
Otherwise, we’d suggest moving to a different insurance plan before December 1. You have until the end of November to apply for a plan from another carrier in South Carolina that you could then keep for a year. Doing so will guarantee you a 2013 plan and, more importantly, 2013 prices through nearly all of 2014. By the way, there’s an excellent chance you’d wind up with a lower premium for the next year compared to what you’re presently paying.
That will save you money and, quite honestly, a lot of hassle.
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