I don't have maternity coverage! Will my baby be covered?

We’ve written previously about the fact that there are no maternity coverage options in the individual health insurance market and made a few suggestions as to how you can plan to tackle those costs. But a common follow-up question asks, “How do I insure my baby? What if there are health problems with the baby?”
I’m happy to report that if you have an individual health insurance policy, you have the opportunity to add your newborn to that policy within 30 days of birth regardless of any health conditions. (For that matter, the same 30-day window applies to adding your child to an employer-sponsored group health insurance plan). But… DON’T FORGET TO ADD THE BABY! We’ve seen people forget to do this, which is understandable given the life changes going on, but there can be significant consequences to doing so.
It is also worth noting that even though individual health insurance plans don’t offer maternity coverage, they do typically cover complications of pregnancy.
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