Introducing Get Mission Trip Insurance

If you travel internationally, there’s a good chance that your health insurance coverage stays at home, leaving you vulnerable to significant out of pocket costs should you have a serious medical problem. And, let’s be honest, accidents happen. What would happen if you had to be hospitalized or get medical treatment in another country? What would happen if you need to be evacuated due to a medical problem, or due to political turbulence or a natural disaster? There are plenty of things that can happen to mess up travel experience, and they can get awfully expensive.
The good news is that international travel insurance is a very affordable way to protect yourself against these kinds of risks. In addition to these obvious risks, coverage can include benefits from the grisly (repatriation of remains) to the mundane (coverage for lost luggage or trip cancellation). Unfortunately, many people (especially those who don’t regularly travel abroad) just aren’t aware of these coverage options and don’t tend to think through the risks involved in traveling without them. That’s why AC Forrest has made a significant move into the travel insurance marketplace.
We have a client base that already includes international businesses as well as non-profit organizations and churches that routinely are involved in sending people abroad. If our clients need and are interested in travel insurance plans, we’re confident that there are many others who could be well-served by our entrance into this arena.
So we just rolled out a new website – – that is aimed at helping churches and other organizations protect their mission teams and individual missionaries. There are travel insurance plans and options sure to fit the particular needs of each individual or team, and we’re eager to help you find the one that fits you best. We’re even able to work with our partners to help you customize a proposal based on your needs.
We would love your help in these practical ways:
1. Check out the site and give us your feedback. We want to always improve in ways that make the website user-friendly.
2. Refer your friends, colleagues, and churches to us should they plan to travel (or send teams) abroad. We’d love to serve them!
3. Like our page on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter
We will soon roll out a parallel site more oriented towards business, leisure, and student travel insurance needs (though quite honestly the plans we utilize for missionaries will work for these needs as well).