Is everyone eligible for our personal gap plan / accident insurance coverage?

We’re pretty excited about the personal gap plan we’ve started offering our clients.
And why not? It combines an accident plan that, by itself, is better than the accident plans we’ve previously had available. And it combines that accident plan with critical illness insurance and a few other cool features.
So the next question becomes: Can anyone get it?
Yes and no. There is no underwriting — which means you’re not going to get turned down based on health conditions and that sort of thing. In fact, it’s really an “enrollment” process, not an application. In insurance-speak the plan is guarantee issue.
But it’s not for everyone. You won’t be able to get it if you fall into one of these categories:

  • You are on government healthcare — i.e. Medicare or Medicaid.
  • You are on Social Security disability
  • You live in a state where the plan is unavailable (ask us). It is definitely available in South Carolina and Georgia as well as nearly thirty other states.

Otherwise, you should be good to go. We think that this personal gap insurance plan is a great way to supplement your health insurance coverage. In fact, the first policy we sold was to… us!
You can learn more about individual gap insurance and find an enrollment page here.