Life Insurance With No Medical Exam

What if I told you that you could get up to $500,000 in term life insurance coverage without any nurses or needles?
It’s true!
For many people, the dreaded “paramedical exam,” where you get poked and prodded by a nurse, is the greatest hindrance and hesitation to getting term life insurance.
We work with multiple life insurance companies that will, in most cases, issue term life insurance coverage without that medical exam. No nurses. No needles.

Here’s How to Get Life Insurance Without an Exam

We use a streamlined application process that will make everything simple and straightforward:

  1. You’ll complete a 1-page “pre-application” form that includes basic information.
  2. You’ll receive a phone call within a couple days to complete the remainder of the application over the phone.
  3. In some cases, the completed application will be sent to you for you to sign and then return.
  4. That’s it. Your application is sent to the insurance company for underwriting. (No needles, no nurse!).

In some situations, it won’t be possible to complete underwriting without the medical exam. But if you’re reasonably healthy, this should be simple.

Term Life Insurance in South Carolina and Georgia

Most of our clients are in South Carolina and Georgia, but we’ve helped people in other states too (especially North Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee).
To get the process started, just contact us.