Lower Medicare Supplement Rates

Omaha Insurance Company has lowered their rates on one popular Medicare supplement plan in South Carolina and Kentucky.
Effective June 1, their prices for Plan G are going down. Check it out:

Kentucky South Carolina
Plan G Age 65-67 Plan G Age 70 Plan G Age 65-67 Plan G Age 70
$89.05 $101.74 $89.93 $100.57

What is Plan G?

Most people who buy Medicare Supplement plans wind up purchasing Plan F because it basically covers all out-of-pocket expenses.
Plan G is nearly identical to Plan F, but requires you to pay the Medicare Part B deductible (Plan F pays that deductible for you). The Part B deductible is $147 per year.
If you can pay that deductible, you could wind up saving some money on your premiums, because Plan G is generally cheaper than Plan F.
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