Does Medicare Cover Dental?

Dental care for Medicare in South CarolinaWhile Medicare covers a lot of your health-related expenses, it does not provide help with dental insurance.
So for most dental care like cleanings, fillings, tooth extractions, dentures, dental plates, etc., you’ll be on your own.
Medicare Advantage plans may choose to offer dental insurance as part of their plan, but you’ll be limited to their network of providers. (If you live in South Carolina, you’ll find that the vast majority of dentists do not participate in networks at all).

How to Get Dental Insurance with Medicare

The good news is that there are individual dental insurance policies that are available to people age 65 and over. While there are limits to individual dental coverage, you’ll get a lot of help with basic expenses and preventive care.
If your dentist happens to participate in the dental plan’s network, you’ll save even more. But the plan we recommend, Renaissance Life, doesn’t require you to stay in network.