Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare supplement plans are designed to fill in the gaps in Medicare Part A and B. We'll explain the options and help you decide which one may be right for you.

What Is a Medicare Supplement Plan?

Medicare supplements are plans from private insurance companies that fill in gaps in Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B). That’s why they are sometimes called “Medigap” plans.

They can cover copays, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket costs in Medicare. There’s no network to worry about – these plans work with any provider that takes Medicare.

Medigap plans are standardized by the federal government and labeled by letter, as in “Plan F,” “Plan G,” etc. So Plan G will provide the same standard coverage regardless of what company you buy it from.

Which Medicare Supplement Plan Is Best?

The most popular Medicare plan is Plan G, which covers all of the gaps in Original Medicare except for the annual Medicare Part B deductible. Other popular plans include Plan F (no longer available to most new enrollees) and Plan N.

If you’re trying to decide which company to buy from (especially since the plans are usually the same), these are the factors you should consider:

  • Price. This is obvious, but not as simple as it seems. Prices change over time, so you’ll want to consider…
  • Stability. We tend to only work with large, well-established companies because they tend to be more stable and predictable on pricing.
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How to Enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan

Medicare Supplemental PlansAC Forrest will walk you through the process of finding the Medicare Supplement solution that best fits your needs, preferences, and budget. We can do this entirely via phone and email, or we can meet with you if you prefer.

  • We’ll need some basic information from you, including your zip code and date of birth.
  • We’ll use that info to get and show you some quotes. We want you to understand the benefits and options.
  • We will not pressure or push you at all – our goal is to help you find a plan that you’ll be happy with for a long time.
  • We will help you get your Medicare supplement application and enrollment information submitted. Most of the Medicare Supplement providers prefer (or mandate) a simple online application process.

Don’t Forget Prescription Drug Coverage!

Medicare supplement plans do not cover prescription drugs. So you’ll also want to enroll in a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

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  • The difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage and how to decide which option is right for you
  • The Medicare supplement plan that most people buy, and the one that makes more sense
  • What you need to know about Part D prescription plans
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

We present all of this in an objective, straightforward manner. There’s no marketing and no hype – just the simple facts in plain English (not insurance lingo).

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Don’t Forget Medicare Part D

Medicare supplement plans do not cover prescription drugs. So you’ll need to purchase a separate Medicare Part D prescription drug plan (PDP) to go along with your Medicare supplement plans.

Medicare Part D plans are sold by private companies. While all plans must carry a certain number of drugs in each drug category, not all companies will carry all drugs, so you’ll want to check to see if your prescription drugs are part of a particular plan’s formulary (a list of covered drugs). Additionally, if you have a preferred pharmacy, you’ll want to make sure it’s included.

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